Should we tax churches?

Ah, politics, I know literally almost nothing about it, other then a few topics. I’ve been browsing around the interent communities and noticing that th debate on weather here in America, should tax churches or should they remain tax exempt. Note i’m no expert on this, so feel free to refute me or fact check […]

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Faith based healing,

Ah, so sorry to the few people who do actually read what I have to say. I have been busy and unable to motivate myself to write, I plan to have more frequent posts in the future. Today, I wanted to talk about Faith based healing. For those who don’t know what that means, check that Wikipedia […]

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The power of indoctrination,

So I have a new favorite saying to use to religious people who grew up in a religious family and start spouting that their religion is the one true religion; “Oh, good thing it was the religion you were born in and was taught to you as fact without questioning it.” This is just my […]

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